Nancy Vazquez

My name is Nancy Vazquez and I am born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.  I am a filmmaker, Director, Actress and I make music videos!

My first feature film, "Right to Live," is about domestic violence, and is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video. I created that film with my business partner Michele Frantzeskos.


My second Feature Indie Film, "M.O.T.H.=Matters Of The Heart ❤️" has been recognized by Newark Latino Film Festival, and Newark International Film Festival. I just finished a music video for award winning R&B Artist Etcetera (Song: "Keep it 100"). Acting is my first love.

"Dating Games" (BEST COMEDY winner of Newark Latino Film Festival) is a lighthearted short comedy about the dating scene and relationships today. Because my previous films contained extremely heavy subject matter, I needed to make third film a humorous short. But my life was certainly no joke.


I am from a divorced family and I am one of 3 girls. I grew up in a domestic violence household where my father was very abusive and who thought nothing about beating up ( busing) my mom, my sisters, and me everyday. My father was a drug addict at that time. I grew up knowing that my mom sacrificed her dreams, happiness, and life to became a punching bag for my father, and protection for her daughters. After many years of suffering, trials, and tribulations, Mom was finally able to get away from my father to start life anew with her daughters. My father moved to Puerto Rico. There, many years later, he got the help he needed. My mom is remarried now but she still has permanent marks of her abusive past. After seeing all that my mom, sisters and I went through, and so much more in the streets of Newark, I knew that I wanted to make a change in this world. I studied acting for years, but it wasn’t enough. I had a story to tell, but I didn’t want to tell a story without a solution. I knew undoubtedly that I was yearning to save lives so no child, person, or mother should ever have to endure the pain, suffering, nightmares that I lived through.

I also worked as a skycap at Newark Airport for 25 years (recently retired), and was an active participant of Union 32BJ. I was honored to help bargain the contract for the airports in the Tri-State for over 7,000 employees to help raise minimum wages to living wages. I am a guest speaker, and have spoken in various states as a Living Wage advocate. I have visited Hillary Clinton and had the privilege to share my story with her. Met with Al Sharpton, and spoke at his National Action Network in Harlem. Met Mayor Ras Baraka on various occasions.


In this lifetime I want to help people make a better life for themselves. I believe that we are as strong as our weakest link and we are all interdependent.