Leonel Antonio Severino was born the third of four children to Ana T. Severino in Salem, Massachusetts, on December 18, 1989. He was raised in Lynn, Massachusetts by his mother. He has now relocated to Jersey City, New Jersey to pursue his acting/directing career, where he has recruited a team of talent filmmakers known as Witness Diversity Multimedia.  


Leonel dove headfirst into all things film; he taught himself how to create visual effects watching YouTube videos and reading any literature he could find about the craft of acting. After years of molding and preparing himself, a motivated and hungry Leonel was ready to take Hollywood by storm and attended casting calls all around the United States: from Rhode Island to California to New York and Philadelphia. His passion knew no boundaries.


All of Leonel's hard work finally paid off when he landed his first starring role in the film "Bleed For This" and the rest is history.


As a filmmaker, Leonel's comedic short thriller, "MANHUNT," has been an official selection of Newark Latino Film Festival.