I am Eddie “Rocky” Rivera. I grew up in Flushing, Queens in the Promenade Projects, and reside in Long Island.  I am the Music Supervisor, Editor and Lead Actor “Dominic Valentino” in thE powerful film, “THE RIGHT TO LIVE,” by RAYSTAR FILM AND PRODUCTION INC.  I have been intrigued with the entertainment world since I was 8 years old, when I heard “Rappers Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang.  AT AGE 15 years I started performing and writing with various artistS such as Big Pun, RA, Biz Mark, Dana Dane, Tone Capone, Carl Anthony Payne (Bill Cosby Show), and many more.

As time went on I chose acting.  I started with a film called “Once Upon A Time in El BarRio” I co-stared with Angel Ramirez (who sang with Selena “BarRio Boys”), Ante’  by Taino Rosa Production,  Produced by Emilio Rosa.  I  was the Editor and Actor for this film and worked alongside Angel Salazar(Chi Chi from Scarface) and Jaimie Tirelli, UFC fighter Peter Sell , Will Mercado, Joanne Vargas and Emilio Pantero.  This award winning film is going to DVD AND NETFLIX.  I have earned my own recognition in the industry. 

I was given a great opportunity to work to with RAYSTAR FILM AND PRODUCTION INC.  The film ‘THE RIGHT TO LIVE” Is Written, Directed, Produced by two women Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez.  They are the founders of RayStar Film and Production Inc.  We are not a team but a “Family” as well.  RayStar hired me to be the Music Supervisor and Editor for the film. We have a music department called “RAYSTAR MUSIC”  in which two very talented individual  who have brought so much talent to the table is Jonathan “JR” Rivera  as Music Producer and Danny “Enjetic” Rivera as Co-Producer they are dynamic and talented artist as well.  I love working with so many talented artists like Iam Etcetera, Saudia J., Alissa Cavallaro, Kristin Palmeri, KO Chicks, Francine Mancini, Sylvia Saxton and many others. 

I want to give special thanks to Nick Frantzeskos for believing in my team and being there for us 100%.  He created the music department overnight and has not stopped since.  I want to thank Nancy Vazquez for also giving me a great opportunity in starring in the film called “THE RIGHT TO LIVE”  Nancy and I met on the set of “Latin Assassins” ever since then we have always continued to work with each other.  She is a brilliant and very talented Writer, Director and Actor.  A multi-talented individual.  I want to thank Michele Frantzeskos who I’ve known for over 10 years we have worked on several films together.  She always made sure that everything in running things like clockwork. This amazing person inside and out makes sure she puts everyone before herself.  A Very talented Writer, Director and Actor.

I want to thank my Dad for all his love and support without him I wouldn’t be here doing what I love to do.  I will love and miss you forever.  Thank you to My Mom whom I cherish dearly.  Thank You to my three children  Justina, Theresa, Danny and my two granddaughters Rosie and Justina Grandpa loves you girls.