Alex Fernandez is a Brooklyn, New York-based writer, producer and independent filmmaker. Known for the critically acclaimed web series Body Jumpers and Dawn, Alex Fernandez creates radically engaging stories as an endless wellspring of interesting new ideas. He graduated from film school in 2008 and immediately launched his career directing documentaries and collaborating as a freelance videographer with the legendary music team Full Force. During his educational career, Alex learned to create engaging, stimulating stories with little-to-no crew or outsourced work— a talent proved invaluable throughout his career. He currently has 4 shows he produces with 0 crew including writing the comic books based on his series. He lived and worked his entire career in Brooklyn, allowing his home to shape and accentuate the stories he told. His latest projects are Aurora: Chronicles of a Hero — a brand new web series nestled in and inspired by the shining City of Angels Los Angeles which also expands his Body Jumpers Universe and Surge of Dawn a crossover short film that crosses his vampire series Dawn with the Surge of power films.